Barista Swedish Dish Cloth

Barista Swedish Dish Cloth

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Designed to absorb like a sponge & wipe like a cloth. Use in the kitchen to wash dishes, wipe counters, cabinets, and to clean the refrigerator & microwave. Use throughout the home for damp dusting, windows, bathrooms, etc. Uses are endless!

A sustainable, biodegradable & compostable option to clean every room in the house. These cloths last for months! When it's time for a new cloth, simply put the old one in the compost bin, where it will disintegrate within in 6-8 weeks.

Offered in a wide variety of vibrant colours and motifs. Designed in Canada, and printed in Sweden using water based, colourfast ink.

Material: 70% cellulose pulp, 30% cotton

Dimensions: 47 x 17cm

Country of Origin: Sweden

Care: Clean in the washing machine without softener, or top rack in the dishwasher. Hang or lay flat to dry. Damp cloths can be disinfected in the microwave.

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