Brazil Coffee Grinder

Brazil Coffee Grinder

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Gourmet coffee aficionados know that one of the secrets to excellent coffee is grinding the coffee beans immediately before brewing. If coffee is ground too soon, the coffee oils in the beans begin to oxidize and quality and flavor are lost. Freshly ground coffee allows none of the flavor of the essential oils inside the beans to be lost, giving the deepest, richest flavors to your morning cup of coffee. The Brazil manual burr coffee grinder by CrushGrind® will give you freshly ground flavor in every cup of coffee. 

Each morning before you brew your coffee, you can quickly weigh your coffee beans, fill the CrushGrind® Brazil Manual Coffee Grinder with whole beans, and set the coarseness of the grounds. Then, you will place the Hand Coffee Grinder in the base and crank the handle. In just a few moments, you will have uniformly ground, quality coffee grounds ready for your first cup of coffee. With a quick swipe of a damp paper towel, the CrushGrind® will be cleaned and ready for grinding the next morning's cup of coffee.

The secret to CrushGrind's quality is the use of ceramic coffee grinder parts. Just like the old fashioned mortar and pestle, these ceramic parts last for years, making the Brazil coffee grinder the last one you may ever buy. With a minimalistic, sleek design, the grinder and base will add beauty to your coffee bar area, while pairing great looks with excellent performance.


Manufactured By:  CrushGrind

Size/Weight: W 8.1" / D 6.4" / H 6.7" / 3.96 lb.

Materials (body): Plastic

Materials (burrs): HI-TECH Ceramic

HOPPER CAPACITY: 30 g. (coffee beans)

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