Olive Wood - Condiment & Spoon Set

Olive Wood - Condiment & Spoon Set

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A multipurpose condiment set, for salt, pepper, chili flakes, chutney, jam or dips. Comes with 2 small serving spoons.

A renewable resource, harvested only when the tree no longer bears fruit. Wood from olive trees is extremely hard with a high proportion of tannins, making it naturally antibactertial and resistant to cuts and scratches

The size and final shape of the piece will vary due to the nature of the raw material, making each one unique.

Material: Olive wood

Dimensions: Bowl Ø8cm x L18cm |Spoons L12.5cm

Care: Hand wash using hot water & mild soap. Blot with a soft towel, and allow to dry completely before storing. Do not immerse in water. Not dishwasher safe. Periodic application of mineral oil will prevent dryness/cracking, and enhance the finish.

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