Wool Pillow Protector

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We spend one third of our lives in bed. We invite you to explore how these simple, natural, machine washable wool protectors will protect your bed more effectively than any polyester, and also improve the quality of your sleep, by providing a softer, more comfortable sleep surface.

St Dormeir wool protectors are natural, breathable, and insulating. Quilted in Spain, with pure wool and a 100% unbleached cotton terry cover, they are perfect for use in both winter and summer. Wool absorbs perspiration much better than polyester, and will keep your mattress clean and fresh, while keeping you cool and dry.

St Dormeir pillow protectors provide exceptional protection for your pillows. The thickness of the wool quilting will maintain your pillow cover, keeping it clean and like new. The natural breath-ability of the wool fill will generate a cool and fresh feeling in summer, while preserving the warmth needed for winter nights. The wool cover also gives a softness to the surface of your pillow, while keeping it secure inside with a sturdy snap closure.

*Please note that this protector will make your pillow feel a bit firmer, due to the thickness of the wool fill.

Please contact the store to order your size if not in stock.

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